Second opinion in. Mom still has A.L.S.
Edward Scissorhands at the 5th Ave sucked.
Tomorrow’s pie night is going to suck as well.

There were positives to the evening though. Played with Ilsa’s right nipple. Next time I need to pay attention to the left. Watched Lisa dance. Damn that girl has nice legs. Reminisced about old times with Augustine. One of the few people around who knew me back in the day.

Now, to bed. Early rising. Last minute cleaning. Getting pie fixings. Making pie. Waiting for people to arrive.

5 thoughts on “Verdicts”

  1. still sick. think i’ll have to pass on yet another pie night… 🙁

  2. Cause everything else the last couple of days is sucking.

    (It’s just a mood. Don’t worry, the pie will be good.)

  3. Yes, it is your projection, probably not based on fact. I’m probably not going to make it, but I’m sure it will be lovely.

  4. Can you expand on Edward Scissor Hands’ suckiness? I missed it here at BAM, but heard great word of mouth, so I’m curious why it didn’t work for you.

    Also sorry I’m missing pie night. If there were cheap last minute cross country fairs, I’d be on my way!

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