Doctor my eyes!

Mom’s monthly doctor visit today. Nothing really to report from the visit.

Left arm still going downhill fast.

Tomorrow morning the home health care agency will be coming by to plan. Hopefully we’ll have someone in later this week or early next.

Feeling very fragile lately.

I will be in Seattle for mentoring Thursday and coming back here Friday. It’s the last mentoring for the year. The following week I will be in Seattle over the weekend. I plan to be in Seattle weekends every two weeks.

In other news, Rat’s Reading actually made a profit last month, though not if you count the hours I spend fiddling with it. My hosting costs are $7/month (I think, I pay for two years in advance) on one of the cheap shared hosts. I cleared $17 and change in sales commissions. Probably be a while before that happens again though. Of course, I take the pay in books….

4 thoughts on “Doctor my eyes!”

  1. We have Associates who make like 5-figures per month off their blogs… You need more traffic, sir.

  2. Well, yeah. But…

    a) I don’t promote it at all.
    b) I only review books and put up links for those books.

    Perhaps someday in the future I’ll be willing to put more effort in to it.

  3. oh and I forgot…

    c) I write a fair number of negative reviews. that sort of thing doesn’t make people run out and buy the item reviewed.

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