ALSA Walk, repeat

I am giving away books for charity near and dear to my heart. My mom was diagnosed with A.L.S. last year. A.L.S. is a progressive degenerative condition where the patient’s nerves slowly (or sometimes relatively quickly) die, leaving them unable to move their arms, legs, or other body parts. One part stops working, then another. The vast majority of patients with it die when the condition hits the muscles that operate the lungs, though some people like Stephen Hawking live for years.

Mom doesn’t have too long left to live (a few weeks to a few months on the optimistic side), but she’s still trying to get donations for the A.L.S. Association (ALSA) Walk to Defeat A.L.S. fundraiser. The ALSA loaned all sorts of equipment for her to be able to continue to live at home rather than in a care facility, and they also sponsor a lot of research into the disease.

Anyway, my contribution is to offer a book to people who donate $20 (I pick the book). Even if you are too poor to give money, please consider reposting or blogging about this. The walk is September 20.

Donate here

Leave your address in the “Note to the walker” section where you want me to send the book. I *do not* get to see your billing address. I do see the “note to the walker.”

Also, if you want to join in, come on up on September 20 at 9 am to Bellingham, and visit my mom’s place for the BBQ afterward. (Please please please RSVP first so we get enough food.)

5 thoughts on “ALSA Walk, repeat”

  1. How long is the walk? I’m thinking of joining you for the walk, but have to plan it out with Kaia.

  2. Officially 3 miles, but you don’t actually have to walk the whole way. Last year I walked maybe a little over a mile with my grandfather before we turned around.

  3. Thanks. Count me, Kaia and Jason in. What are some of the cheaper hotels up there? We will come up Friday sometime then stay in a hotel and leave Sat night.

    I also put it on my calender to donate on Friday when I get paid.

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