Walk to D’Feet ALS 2008

My mom is organizing a team to raise money for the ALSA again this year. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to match donations like I did last year. I’m keeping up two places, so I gotta watch my pennies. But I am going to offer something: free books.

If you donate $20 or more through the walk page I set up, I will send you a beat-up, well-read, well-loved book of my choice. I suck at writing thank you notes, so you get a book.


Make sure to leave the address I should send the book in the “Comments to the Walker” section of the donation form. I don’t get to see your billing address.

If you can’t donate because of lack of funds, please spread this offer. Or even if you can donate, spread the offer. Mom wants to raise the most money, and this counts toward her team goal.

4 thoughts on “Walk to D’Feet ALS 2008”

  1. What is the cut off date for this? I want to donate, but must wait a bit for some funds to come in.

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