Why Twitter is awesome

It seems to be in vogue among my friends to complain about the uselessness of Twitter. To those who say this, I give you the following exchange:

  • scalzi (award-winning author John Scalzi): Breakfast: Claritin, Diet Sunkist and a multivitamin. Now I’m ready to face the day.
  • nalohopkinson (award-winning author Nalo Hopkinson): Breakfast: ripe plantain rounds fried in olive oil, lightly salted; sage n spinach wilted in butter n olive oil; bacon.
  • kingrat (award-winning, if you count my Seattle P-I newspaper carrier of the month deal in 1983): @scalzi @nalohopkinson ‘s breakfast sounds much tastier.
  • scalzi: @kingrat I don’t think it’s a huge surprise to discover @nalohopkinson OR her breakfast are cooler than me or mine, do you?
  • nalohopkinson: @scalzi @kingrat A lot of it is in the description. Keeping my writerly hand in.
  • scalzi: @nalohopkinson Well, and the fact that unlike my breakfast, your breakfast consists of actual, you know, FOOD.
  • nalohopkinson: @kingrat @scalzi scalzi’s breakfast this morning is definitely…picturesque.
  • nalohopkinson: @scalzi I’ve found that food is generally better to eat than non-food.

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