Two loops of … well, not raisins

I am still walking around Green Lake 4 or 5 times a week. Today I was feeling a little depressed over stuff, and halfway around I decided I was going to go for a second loop. Work off some of the mood possibly. I worried though that I might go into zombie non-thinking mode and head over to the car after one loop, forgetting the second loop. I do that a lot when I’m pre-occupied. Sunday I meant to swing by U.W. Bookstore and pick up Sly Mongoose from the science fiction section, but forgot despite thinking about it when I got in my car. Today though, I went into zombie mode and actually kept walking around. My preoccupation actually got me to do what I wanted to do. Got 5.6 miles of a very brisk walk in.

I do need to figure out how to keep the little rocks out of my shoes though. At a swift walking pace, my shoes pick them up just enough to fling one or two of them inside a shoe about 4 times in a loop. So I have to stop, remove my shoe, and shake it out. Multiple times. I wonder if spats would work. That has the added bonus that I would be the dorkiest guy at the park.

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