Cleo as Colgate

My grandfather Cleo saved packets for many of his trips. He and my grandmother Vera were frequent cruisers. They are going to be awesome additions to the stories I can tell about them with genealogy. For instance, in June 1986, Cleo and Vera took a cruise through the Panama Canal on Sitmar Cruises T.S.S. Fairsea. The best part of this packet is the three photos of my grandfather from the cruise’ masquerade party. I never would have thought of costuming as Colgate toothpaste.

Colgate toothpaste costume front
Cleo ready for masquerade night
Colgate toothpaste costume back
Squeeze from the bottom
Colgate toothpaste costume in action
Wearing the costume at the masquerade

Update: Turns out my grandparents tried out the idea on an earlier cruise, in January 1983. That time my grandmother donned the toothpaste:

Vera wears a Crest toothpaste costume
Vera as Crest

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