I was wrong: Droid 4 edition

Last year I my Droid 4 stopped working, and Verizon replaced it. The replacement Droid 4 was a refurbished phone, and the battery would not last me a full day. Righteously ticked off, I took the bus downtown to the Verizon store. In the 28 minutes it took me to get there, the phone’s battery dropped from 100% charge to 90%. I didn’t even turn the screen on. There was no reason it should use that much battery so quickly. At the Verizon store, rather than get my third Droid 4 in a year, I angrily paid full price for a Droid Maxx. Which I love, other than having paid an arm and a leg for it.

In December, I bought myself a Kobo Aura H2O e-book reader. I love the thing for lots of reasons. I got the bright idea to take the SD card out of my old Droid 4 phone and stick it in my Kobo so I could hold like a billion e-books. As I don’t use the reader daily, I didn’t notice something right away. The battery on the Kobo would last only several days. That baffled me for a time, until I Googled&reg battery issues with Kobos and SD card issues popped up as a possibility. After removing the SD card, the Kobo battery takes weeks to work through a full charge, even with frequent reading.

It wasn’t until several weeks afterward when I remembered where the SD card had been. So I charged up the Droid 4 still sitting unused on my shelf. It’s now been running 5½ days on that charge and is at 30%, albeit without any use except to periodically check the charge.

Droid 4
Droid 4

So now the Droid 4 is going to become a fancy alarm clock with a few useful internet capabilities like playing some podcasts I listen to in the evening.

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