Mary Evelyn Sorenson, part 2

I’ve previously written about my relatives Alfred and Mae Sorenson, who were involved in the Lemberger murder case, and their daughter Mary Evelyn. At their deaths in 1958, both Alfred’s and Mae’s obituaries stated that their daughter was living in Los Angeles as Evelyn Tanner. That was the latest I’d been able to track her.

Ancestry recently released their U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 database, which is based on computer extracts of Social Security Card applications. I believe this means that it is based on extracts from all of the applications for cards in addition to the original application.

In that database was the following entry:

Birth Date: 9 Mar 1914
Birth Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Father Name: Alfred Sorenson
Mother Name: Mae S Griffth
Death Date: Oct 1990
Notes: Feb 1937: Name listed as MARY EVELYN FREDERICKS; May 1944: Name listed as MARY EVELYN GRANTZOW; Feb 1955: Name listed as MARY EVELYN SORENSON; May 1956: Name listed as FRANCES MARIE SORENSON; Oct 1956: Name listed as FRANCES MARIE NEWTON; Nov 1957: Name listed as FRANCES MARIE VONHAUZER

That looks a lot like what I know about Alfred and Mae’s daughter. I have previously found a marriage announcement for Alfred’s daughter under the name Mary Evelyn Fredericks where she married a George Grantzow:


One of the reasons why I was unable to find her after 1958 is that it appears she started going by the name Frances Marie rather than Mary Evelyn. I now have a different trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

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