Wikitree becomes evil / Chris Whitten is a liar

Several years ago I stopped using because they decided to make previously private profiles public. I started using Wikitree instead because the founder, Chris Whitten, promised that Wikitree would not do this. He lied. Let me re-iterate. Chris Whitten is a liar. I wish I had saved screencaps where he told me Wikitree would not do the thing it has now done.

Wikitree decided to take private information and make it public.

I have profiles of people that I had set to private that were made not only public, but editable by anyone. Because Chris Whitten thinks he’s a better judge of what should be private about my family than I am.

While there’s nothing about people who died over 100 years ago that I am worried about, I no longer trust Chris Whitten. I would have no problem if he decided this is how privacy levels will work for all new profiles. But to retro-actively remove privacy protections for information tells me he’d be willing to do it again. What’s to say he won’t decide to make public information about living people? Or recently deceased? He’s shown that their privacy policy isn’t worth the electrons it was printed with.

Even worse, Wikitree will not let me delete the information they’ve let me keep private to this point. So I’m stuck with leaving that information with an untrustworthy shitheel.

So I repeat. Chris Whitten is a goddamn fucking liar. Wikitree has become evil.

Edited to add: Employee Eowyn Langholf is also a liar. In her response to my complaint with the Washington Attorney General she stated that: ” no private information has or will be made public “. Which is incorrect. The profile of my great grandfather Joseph Peter Weiss was made public.

12 thoughts on “Wikitree becomes evil / Chris Whitten is a liar”

  1. How is this legal? If you have to abide by any terms and conditions you agree to, why shouldn’t the company?! Why is it all these people who make rules, don’t seem to have to follow them… Kinda like getting charged at the doctor’s office for being late, but no problem for you to wait over an hour or two for them… Only this is even worse… I would contact the Better Business Bureau.

    1. I am getting my information off of there as quickly as possible. They truly have some very evil people working there.
      They literally put me in danger of a stalker who is able to track me because they keep items public that should be totally private.

  2. well i am kicked off Wikitree cos i complained they were racist to my brother in Aus and NZ. They WERE and ARE accountable!!!!! They DID call him a “nasty little niggah”

      1. any way of getting all the profiles I created off there and ideas as to better genealogy sites?

        1. They took my personal photos and they made them public. Now, other people are managing my dead child’s profile. I do not like that, at all.

  3. My brother is making false statements on Wikitree. For 2 years I’ve been unable to make corrections. Wikitree ignores me as if I’m a ghost. So far I’ve been unable to locate a lawyer who is familiar with Wikitree. It’s like a secret society. If you could refer me to a lawyer or simply give me advice I would greatly appreciate.

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