Ditching FavePersonal

For years I’ve used the FavePersonal theme by CrowdFavorite for this blog.  I really liked the underlying Carrington structure, which let me do different things for different kinds of posts.

Unfortunately, something has changed with how the CSS is displayed.  My Chrome browser did something different with how it renders, and I don’t have the desire to debug and fix.  It appears CrowdFavorite is no longer maintaining Carrington or FavePersonal, as the last public update was in 2013.

Reluctantly, I have switched to a new theme.  For now, it’s the Twenty Fifteen theme by Automattic.  We’ll see how I like it.  I already tweaked how blockquotes are displayed, and I’m not sure I like how text flows around images, but for now I’ll deal.  If, when viewing a post, something looks really bad, please comment to let me know.