Winners of the Insult Contest

I hereby announce the winners for my Insult King Rat contest.

Christopher Mendes gets first link for saying he would bescumber me if I was already fimicolous. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I suspect he typo-ed his entry by omitting the word not.

And I’ll give eliZZZa a link for saying I’m driven by larmoyance. My friends and I weren’t quite sure what she meant by that, as the definitions of larmoyant didn’t quite work in context. We think she meant to say I was a crybaby, but we are just guessing.

Anyway, here’s hoping you get some traffic for your efforts. Though it did seem like people weren’t even trying.

Truly Great Insults

With all the vitriol being spewed my way in the comments on my cforms II post, I’d have thought that someone would have come up with a truly great insult. The best insult of the bunch only compared me unfavorably to Gordon Brown. It’s much better as a crack against Mr. Brown than against me. The bulk of the insults are people calling me a moron or, heaven forbid, a rat. Sometimes in capital letters.

Now, I’m not a strong insulter by any stretch of the imagination, but I could have come up with something better than that. All it takes is a quick Google search for truly great insults.

To help inspire folks, if they are bothering to read anything else on my blog but that entry, I’m instituting a contest. I have no idea what Google PageRank that post will end up with, but it’s bound to be halfway decent (3, 4, dare I say 5? the mind boggles) considering all the links to it. Come up with a better insult! The best insult on either entry will win a link back to your blog! Juice yourself up a bit. I’ll close the contest when I get bored, or the ultimate insult comes along. Contest is over.

So, here’s a few links I found with good insults.

That last one reminds me of Josh’s insults. Hell, Josh could insult me better in his sleep than my apparent enemies can.

Anyway, have at it folks. Best insult gets you a link!