I need help

I’m heading up to Lynden on Thursday to meet with a rep from Dynavox with my mom. I don’t need help with that. But it’s a good time for me to talk about some caregiving stuff with my mom. The patient care coordinator from the ALSA Evergreen Chapter recommended a book called Share the Care (website), suggesting that we organize the people who are caring for mom using the principles this group details. So I want to read the book before I go up there on Thursday. Meaning I need to read it Wednesday (since I finally got hold of it Tuesday). Actually, thinking about it right now I don’t think I can finish it Wednesday given the problem and it probably isn’t necessary to finish by Thursday or figure it out by Thursday. But I’d like to get a good chunk read.

Here’s the problem. I just tried to start the book before going to sleep.

I broke out in tears before finishing the first page.

I am going to make no progress that way.

So I need people to help me by being here, distracting me and comforting me when appropriate, encouraging me, and here’s an important part: leaving me undisturbed when I can focus. That means I really don’t need someone who will just hang out and chatter. Someone who can bring a book, or knitting, or cook, or something else for the periods when I can read without breaking down.

I’ll be calling a few people when I wake up to see if they can help. But anyone who has time I would appreciate.

I might set up at Chocolati on 45th or Victrola on 15th if that’s convenient (plus I can repay your time with a coffee at least). Definitely can’t bounce around other people’s places; need to stick in one place really.

I’m probably going to wake up late (given that it’s nearly 5 at the moment).

Thanks in advance if you can help.

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  1. like you need to ask.
    i am bound by work hours and icky traffic and whatnot, but my time is yours.

  2. Just to clarify, you are picking it up today (Tuesday) and reading it tomorrow (Wednesday)? Are you able to get it early enough today to start reading?

    I work tomorrow, but I can attempt to work a fairly early shift so I can swing back home earlier than usual, since I’m sure you’ll have plenty of company for later in the evening.

    I’ll be in touch. xoxo

  3. I can come by in the morning on Wednesday. Drop me an email if you would like me to come by, and let me know when is too early to be there.


  4. i work until 5pm today and Wednesday.. if no one else is able to be around Wednesday, i’d have no problem getting over wherever you are with a book or two just to hang around. drop me a text message on my phone or call and i’ll hightail it when i get out of work. of course, if you already have volunteers, i wouldn’t want to crowd you. let me know, k?

  5. I wish I could – Unfortunately, I can’t drive yet…
    (or really leave bed for more than a short period)

    If you get the urge to sit in my garden & read, you are more than welcome.
    (as long as you don’t make fun of my invalid-ness)

  6. I too am bound by work hours and traffic, but please let me know if you want my company.

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