The feeding tube will be put in next Wednesday. I had a lot more trouble understanding my mother today as well.

My stomach feels like it’s dropped out and my arms are kind of dead feeling. My mom is obviously going through much worse, but emotionally I’m being batted around with a 2×4.

I’ve got stuff to do tonight with someone who calms me, so I’m fine for now. I may need someone to come over and hang out tomorrow whilst I clean or putter or go to watch a movie or something.

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  1. If she’s not doing something like this already, now might be a good time to get your mom to dictate some things that you’d like kept for posterity. It could be in the format of her talking to a videocamera privately, or maybe even just talking into a tape recorder. Having some of her thoughts on you, your family, grandkids, things like that, may be something that you’d like down the line. It’s hard to imagine it now, while you’re in so much pain, but years from now those things can mean so much.

    You could do this with her, too; maybe grab some of her photo albums and ask her to go through them with you, identifying who was who and what the circumstances were in the photographs. It can be a great opportunity to learn things you never knew about your mom, and yourself.

    Anyway, just something to think about; these things meant a lot to me when I lost my mom.

  2. If sitting around and reading in someone’s company would work for company tomorrow, let me know. Chances are high that I’ll be sitting around my apartment getting stuff done, and you’d be very welcome here.


  3. I’ve got a good bit of free time next week, mornings and afternoons. You want me, I’m yours.


  4. I think you’re quite wonderful for being there with your mother (I can’t imagine how hard that is). I’m also happy you’re wisely surrounding yourself with people that are good for you. Take care of yourself.

  5. I have no plans tomorrow. I’m terrible at advice, but I do understand that living alone can be difficult at times. Feel free to call me if you need someone to bum around with you.

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