Mary Evelyn Sorenson ≉ Frances Marie Newton

A few weeks ago I found a record in an Ancestry database that indicated my relative Mary Evelyn Sorenson may have gone by Frances Marie Newton after moving to California from Wisconsin. (Mary Evelyn Sorenson, part 2)

I requested Frances Newton’s death certificate and got my copy recently.

Frances Marie Newton death certificate
Frances Marie Newton death certificate

Sadly, the record held almost no useful information for me.

Name of father: unknown
Birth place of father: unknown
Name of mother: unknown
Birth place of mother: unknown
Social Security Number: unknown
Name of surviving spouse:
Usual occupation: unknown
Usual kind of business: unknown
Usual employer: unknown
Years in occupation: unknown

I hoped mostly to find a husband’s name for further research, or parent’s names to definitely connect Frances Newton with Mary Sorenson.

The death certificate may yet prove useful, but it didn’t provide much useful right off the bat.

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