Blagojevich Impeachment Trial Rules

Without taking any opinion on whether or not Rod Blagojevich should be impeached or not, I do have an opinion on the impeachment trial. I’ve seen lots of criticism of Blagojevich for not attending his trial or mounting a defense. Having read the Illinois Senate Impeachment Trial Rules I am in agreement with Blagojevich on this one.

The fix is in. He’s not allowed to mount an effective defense and is not being afforded due process. That may be perfectly fine in an impeachment trial, but it doesn’t mean that Blagojevich should participate in what is a show trial. Why waste the time?

Here’s what I found in my reading:

  • The defense is not allowed to challenge any of the prosecution’s evidence that is included in the House impeachment record. In other words, most of the evidence. — No objection, however,
    may be made against all or any part of the House impeachment record filed by the House Prosecutor with the Secretary.
  • Blagojevich is not allowed to present any evidence without the permission of the U.S. Attorney who is prosecuting him. The charges from the U.S. Attorney form the core of the impeachment charges. In other words, he could only stand in front of the Illinois Senate and say I didn’t do it. He can’t present any evidence to the contrary unless it’s already public or the U.S. Attorney approves.

Those aren’t rules that are conducive to participation. Given that set of rules, I wouldn’t participate either. The Illinois Senate should pass out the impeachment record, let everyone voting read it for a day or two, and just hold a vote. The trial is all show.

Washington State Representative District 43 Position 2

Choices are:

  • Frank Chopp (Prefers Democratic Party)
  • Kim Verde (Prefers G O P Party)

Chopp isn’t a bad representative. But he could be doing so much more. As Speaker of the House, he could have used the super-majority the Democrats held to enact some amazing things. Instead, he’s held back for fear of losing the majority. In other words, don’t overstep. Well, that makes some sense. However, we elected Democrats for a reason. If they don’t do anything, what’s the point. He’s also enthralled by the B.I.A.W., an anathema to good business and good government in the state.

Kim Verde is worse. And she won’t even use her party’s name, Republican.

Hold my nose and vote for Chopp? Or skip this race? Does it matter, given that Chopp is popular?

Washington State Representative District 43 Position 1


I rarely vote for or endorse candidates running unopposed. There doesn’t seem to be much point. However, I make an exception for Jamie Pedersen. His cause celebre is marriage equality. He’s been the leader in the legislature getting a domestic partner registry law passed, and then expanding it the following year. The stated plan is to add more and more of the rights and privileges associated with marriage to the domestic partner law, until it’s indistinguishable from marriage. Huzzah!

I vote twice for Jamie Pedersen.